Prior to graduating college, earning a near six figure salary, becoming a contributing writer of world-renowned publications, such as JET Magazine Online and mentoring hundreds of college students, Tara Crawford was desperately trying to navigate through what many would consider a myriad of unknown and unthinkable adversities. This autobiographical narrative reveals the undesirable truth of what it is like to grieve loved ones, grow up in the Foster Care system and yearn for a sense of belonging. Unmasked Yet Covered is not only a true tale of trials and triumphs but is, moreover, an expression of the grace of God and how He is consistent even through struggle, strife and sorrow. Most interestingly, this book provides some very compelling recommendations for improving the child welfare system at large. Regardless of upbringing, socioeconomic status, educational background, or profession all readers are invited to learn the importance of embracing their truth in order to help others.

Unmasked Yet Covered


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